Destroying myself one breath at a time.


Twenty Three

Hello Mortals,

Lets be frank but nobody really gives fuck about rape in this country, at least not so long as it happens to be one of theirs that’s been violated. Asking the fairer sex not to head out past sundown is hardly solving anything except maybe traffic. Sure you can march around with candles to show you care, but that’s not going to change anything, except maybe traffic.

While I don’t know what will solve everything, the challenge lies in uncovering how men plan to leave their dicks inside their pants, at-least so long as the dick remains uninvited into the outside world. While this problem is peculiar, but its hardly new. The human penis is an egoist. Once hard, it begins to drain all the blood from your brain and pumps it unto itself thereby rendering your brain retarded.

Men need to understand that seducing someone is important, the penis does not rule the world, it just rules your mind and that too for a few seconds and that this is one doodle that cant be undone. You go to prison, where you get raped by other men, which is fair – I suppose.

Get bigger pants if you have to, shove cotton to comfort your anxious manchild¬†but for fuck’s sake, stop taking it out on women, unless asked for by women, and I mean that particular woman, not any woman. This isn’t ancient Rome, Caligula is porn! Put on some decency and shoot some sense into your veins.

Rape isn’t an expression of desire, ¬†Electrocution was invented for you. Make like a retard and tie yourself to the chair. Anybody will ¬† be happy to flick that switch, just ask nicely!

*sigh* I need a drink, or two.